Who we are

sb10068630a-001Only victory matters

At Machiavelli strategies, we are fully invested in helping you win. Your victory is our victory as well. We work hands-on with you and your team every day and are deeply involved in the campaign’s day-to-day operations. What makes us different is the approach to the support for our clients. We are simply there for you at any time during the campaign ready to give you support.
Late nights in the office, working every weekend and responding to phone calls at all hours. It’s all part of doing whatever it takes to win.

Why us?

Because the integrated campaign communications strategy is in our bones. What makes us different is the way we use and match together modern campaign tools, methods and knowledge in single, unique strategy. A strategy tailored to maximize your capacities and create your path to victory.

strategy 2What matters?

Research matters, Planning matters. Targeting matters. Field matters. Message matters. Oversight matters. It all matters, because winning is the only thing that matters. In elections, there is no reward for second place.
At Machiavelli strategies, we win races big and small because we make every element of your campaign come together in the right way at the right time, leaving nothing to chance.